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Amanda’s 3 “Golden Rules” of Business

Recently, a friend of mine invited me to give a lecture as a guest speaker for a business class she was attending. The requirements: have a background in team management, be able to convey a personal brand (including business cards and a website), and discuss three “golden rules” that students could take to heart during their business education and subsequent careers.

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Resume Polishing Tips for Young Professionals

Graduating and breaking into the field can be daunting for any young professional. The current climate of today’s economy makes for a grueling job hunt, even for entry-level positions. Spending a little extra time on your resume will help you gain an edge on other candidates.

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Why A Managing Editor is Essential to Have on Your Content Creation Team

Just as any other department needs a leader to manage, organize, and oversee daily operations, so does your content department. It almost seems intuitive, but many small firms fail to structure their content creation team to include the expertise of an editor.

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How to Hire a Writer

The hiring process, in my opinion, is where many small firms make big mistakes, especially when it comes to hiring writers and editors. As a middle management professional in the content marketing industry, I can honestly say that the difference between a good and mediocre (or bad) writing professional is astronomical when it comes to both quality assurance and production efficiency.

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Employee Turnover Costs Money

I think we can all agree that time is money. The more efficient a business is, the higher the profitability margins are. One of your biggest expenses and most important assets will be your employees. Many companies operate with a revolving door mentality where little is invested in their workforce, and the firm is just a stepping stone for good talent to use until they realize they can fulfill their potential elsewhere with more success.

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