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Using Brand Names as Description in Creative Writing

My creative writing professor told us never to use brand names in our creative works. The practice cheapened our art and morphed it into some kind of advertising. I’m not sure if I agree with him any longer, and I have my suspicions that he only gave us this advice┬ábecause we were doing it wrong, and it would just be easier if we avoided it altogether.

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Outlining vs. Free Writing in Fiction

What Do You Mean By “Free Writing”?

Freewriting is the technique I’d describe with the phrase, “going with the flow.” As a writer, you wind yourself up, let yourself go, and see where the adventure takes you. You’re hardly more omniscient than your characters, and what results that do come about are a surprise. I’ve also heard this referred to as “vomit writing” from colorful wordsmiths because the goal is to focus on creative output without thought to quality or direction. Any cognitive decision-making or editing happens later.

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