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14 Amateur Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

There are a whopping 152 million blogs out there, and a new one gets created every half second. Despite blogging’s prevalence in the Internet world, very rarely can you find a blog done right.

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It’s Not About You: The Dangers of Self-Centered Internet Marketing

The ads—they interrupt your favorite TV shows, squeeze in between radio tunes, and obstruct the landscape with messages that demand your attention: “Me! Me! Me!”

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How to Write Content that Appeals to Your Audience

When I discuss deploying solid digital marketing strategies, my spiel always begins with generating high-quality, engaging content that appeals directly to the target audience and really connects with the group of people your products are intended for. Though it’s easy to say, the practice of actually doing so requires more effort. However, by laying down a solid plan, you can put all the pieces into play and get one step closer to success. The following tips are meant to help take your content marketing strategy from the abstract and enact it using solid, practical methods.

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How to Pick a Domain Name for Your Site

With the ever-growing importance of Internet marketing, your online address can be just as important as the address of your physical location. Having a killer URL impacts site direction, how people view your brand, and even SEO as you start your journey toward building your online presence and establishing domain authority.

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Why A Managing Editor is Essential to Have on Your Content Creation Team

Just as any other department needs a leader to manage, organize, and oversee daily operations, so does your content department. It almost seems intuitive, but many small firms fail to structure their content creation team to include the expertise of an editor.

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How to Hire a Writer

The hiring process, in my opinion, is where many small firms make big mistakes, especially when it comes to hiring writers and editors. As a middle management professional in the content marketing industry, I can honestly say that the difference between a good and mediocre (or bad) writing professional is astronomical when it comes to both quality assurance and production efficiency.

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Building Blocks for a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

The SEO landscape seems to constantly evolve, and the tide has turned in favor of the content generation industry, which is good news for writers and editors alike. But what does it mean in the context of your marketing strategy?

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